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Heal Ourselves

Our Plan

Due to high rate of poverty and unemployment in our society especially black community, We are of the opinion that there is a great need to join hands together and heal ourselves from malignant of poverty. If you study the history of Africans you will notice that there has been a continuous season of bugging. We are of the opinion that this can be reversed and stop exploitation of fellow human beings. Therefore we are requesting all members of Bitcoin Heritage to assist by donating voluntarily $1 weekly towards Heal Ourselves Project. These donations will be used towards job creation and bursaries for students who want to study medicine and Advanced Technology innovations. We will put up a link on the dashboard that can be used for these donations, We will update members on developments. As we always say, you will not walk alone and together we will beat poverty. Let's demonstrate to the world that we can Heal Ourselves as a community of marginalized people.

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