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Our News

  • Crypyo Market Plunging

    Good evening Family, we would like to make the family aware of the plunging of Crypto currency Market which is affecting our refunding process. The price of bitcoin has dropped from $20 000 to $10 000, this has a negative impact and is delaying the refund process. However all endeavors are made to use other platforms to generate the necessary required funds to finish the process. The dropping price of altcoin coins is a normal event. This is done to correct the over priced coins and to bring stability to the market. We appeal for patience to those who have not yet been refunded and once the market stabilizes we will continue with the refund process.
    We request members to share this message with others as we have noticed that some email addresses don't communicate with our server. Together we can beat poverty.

    Admin Bitcoin world heritage
    Jan-29-2018 10:40:28 PM
  • Progress on Refund process

    Family we are glad to announce that the refund process is going on and a progress has been made: But we have noticed that not all refunded money has been withdrawn by members. This pose a challenge as the system cannot be cleared as quickly as possible. We urge all members to frequently visit their accounts and check them and make the necessary withdrawals so as to clear up the system.During the month of December from 18 to 31 the coins market was very slow and not many trades were executed and this has caused a delay in fast tracking refund process.

    Secondly we request members not to make new deposits to system until you're told to do so.


    Bitcoin Heritage Admin
    Jan-3-2018 11:02:10 PM
  • Release of funds

    Family, we are glad to announce that Bitcoin Heritage, com has started to release initial deposit of its members as mentioned in the previous news update. This process will continue until all deposits are refunded to members. Note that no redeposit will be allowed during the refund period. Members must login on the new link BitcoinWorldHeritage.com to check their available funds and withdraw them instantly and those who don't appear on site must re-register on the new link (Bitcoin World Heritage. com).

    The site will be re activated and accept deposits once all refunds have been paid. We are not closing down but allowing people to rejoin the link voluntarily. We are passionate about what we are doing and motivated by love to over come poverty. Together we will beat poverty and you will never walk alone.

    Admin Bitcoin World Heritage
    Dec-13-2017 12:59:52 PM